“People think that you need to lose weight to get healthy, but actually it’s the opposite. You need to get healthy to lose weight!”


Most diets only target weight loss and ignore the hidden health issues that cause weight gain. That’s why diets fail. When the diet is over, the underlying health issues are still there and weight gain begins all over again.

When a new patient walks into my practice, I hear the same story—“I’ve tried every diet out there and nothing works!”. Each time, I always give them the same advice—successfully losing weight is not just about counting calories. The process must include the health and wellness of the entire body. To think otherwise will only lead to failure.

. You need to get healthy to lose weight. If your body is full of toxins, most likely your digestive system and liver are not functioning properly and you are not producing the correct amount of fat-burning hormones. Just giving up potato chips is not going to fix these serious health issues.

Our Transformational Wellness Program at The Family Wellness Center in Plainview guarantees healthy, permanent weight loss because we don’t just try to have you lose weight, we truly find and heal the CAUSES of your weight problem and reverse them for life! We teach you how to shop, cook and eat for life in a way that is the healthiest for your whole family. Plus, we offer incredible all-natural, cellulite-busting spa treatments to help people de-stress, detoxify and lose 4-14 inches in one hour.

The result is that you will go back to your natural, healthy weight within 3-6 months and stay there. Not only do my patients experience the exhilaration of weight loss (some of them for the first time in years), but they also begin to feel energized and excited about their new body.

Our patients lose about a pound a day the first month and are completely preventing and healing diabetes, cancer, heart disease, sleep problems, digestive problems, high blood pressure, cholesterol, neuropathies, thyroid,hormone issues, and more!

For a limited time the Family Wellness Center is offering a free healthy weight loss seminars to teach their revolutionary process to the local community. To reserve your seat, call 844-LOSE123 (844-567-3123) or for more information, visit their website at www.networkwellnesscenter.com