Losing weight is a struggle for many overweight women. So…What mistakes are you making in your daily life to promote weight gain?

  1. Overeating Dead Food: Ever wonder why your cellulite keeps getting worse? Eating the wrong foods or eating very little will only make your body think it’s starving. Your body will enter crisis mode and start to STORE FAT for survival. Eat healthy servings of highly nutritious foods to burn fat. Try replacing those greasy fries for a spicy chicken fajita wrapped in a large lettuce leaf. It’s not about quantity; it’s about nutritious quality.
  2. Wasting Time and Money on Diets: Diets using HCG, hormone drops or drugs of any kind are a health risk and do not lead to long-term weight loss. Why spend your hard-earned money on diets that only focus on weight and not overall health if the end result is that you gain the weight back?
  3. Focusing on losing Weight Instead of Balanced Health: Countless diets only target weight loss and ignore hidden health issues that cause weight gain. That’s why diets fail. When the diet is over, the hidden health issues are still there and weight gain begins all over again. Success will require a customized program and education about natural detoxification to balance hormones, proper nutrition for optimal health, and highly effective body contouring tools to melt stubborn cellulite, burn fat and reshape your body. These combined elements result in healthy weight loss for life.


According to Dr. Michael Berlin of the Family Wellness Center in Plainview, diets fail because no one is addressing the problem at the core.


“At the Family Wellness Center, we find and put an end to the underlying CAUSES of your weight gain. Then, we teach you how to take the pounds off once and for all. No Shots. No Drugs. Our advanced, science-based, holistic approach promotes healthy, natural weight loss for life.”


Dr. Berlin has proven that you don’t have to starve yourself in order to lose weight. You need to eat the right food to burn fat. He has verified that cleansing your body of toxins will bring back normal sleep patterns and will help stimulate fat-burning hormones. This is a key to healthy weight loss for life.


Our Transformational Wellness Program will teach you how to improve what is happening on the inside, so you can be excited  with what you see on the outside.  You will learn about your own body and why your current condition promotes weight gain. Then, you will be shown how to reverse this trend, rejuvenate your health and take the pounds off for good. Dr. Berlin is convinced that this all-natural approach will prove to be the greatest weight loss innovation of our generation.


For a limited time the Family Wellness Center is offering free healthy weight loss seminars to teach their revolutionary process to the local community. Call the Family Wellness Center at 844-LOSE123 (844-567-3123) to reserve your seat at 641-B Old Country Road, Plainview, NY 11803. For more information, please visit their website at